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"Thanks to Cultivos Forestales the results are satisfactory"

Pedro Sánchez (Bañón, Teruel) Plantation: Bañón (Teruel)Altitude: 1.260 m"“Our truffle plantation “Los Llanos” consists of small patches planted here and there in the woodland, where it hasn’t been possible to irrigate. The plantations are between 9 and 13 years old…

“Trustworthiness, seriousness, quality and results”

Jesús Goñi (Estella-Navarra) Plantation: Tierra Estella (Navarra)  Altitude: 700m Year of planting: 2002-2003“The company is absolutely trustworthy. The professionalism, seriousness and the quality of the mycorrhizated seedlings speak for themselves. The results of Mariano Casas’ plantations back him up. The trust that Mariano inspires…

“I only purchase seedlings from Cultivos Forestales”

A.S.P. (Cuenca) Plantation: Arcos de la Sierra (Cuenca)  Altitute: 1.009m Year of planting: 2005“I began my plantation with seedlings from 2 companies, one of them was Cultivos Forestales. Now, 10 years later, I continue planting and I only purchase seedlings from Cultivos Forestales because…

“The progress of the plantation has been good”

Alberto Burroni and Paco Mateu (Benafigos-Atzeneta, Castellón) Plantation: Benafigos-Atzeneta (Castellón)  Altitute: 550-600m Year  of plantation: 1995“The plantation is now about 20 years old. It began producing after 7 years. Progress has been good. We’ve been irrigating it for 8 years. We’ve maintained high…

Why Cultivos Forestales?

All seedlings come with the following guarantees:

The extensive experience of Mariano Casas.
Each batch is painstakingly analyzed and each order is reviewed.
Our seedlings have been certified by outside agencies since 1995.
We supply truffle growers who subject the seedlings to the most demanding controls.
More than 800 satisfied customers: the definitive guarantee.

Buy Seedlings

If you wish to start or expand a plantation, please contact us.

If you would like a small number of seedlings, trunks with mushrooms or even fresh truffles, visit our online store.

Services and Assessment

We offer all the services necessary for the success of your plantation:
Guaranteed quality of mycorrhizated seedling.
Setting: We study the terrain and climate.
Care: Customized training at our facilities to ensure optimal production.
We will always be at your side to answer your questions. If necessary, we also provide on-site counseling.


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