Jesús Goñi (Estella-Navarra)
Plantation: Tierra Estella (Navarra)  
Altitude: 700m

Year of planting: 2002-2003
“The company is absolutely trustworthy. The professionalism, seriousness and the quality of the mycorrhizated seedlings speak for themselves. The results of Mariano Casas’ plantations back him up. The trust that Mariano inspires with his excellent work is confirmed by his seedlings in the short-term.”


The plantation of the Goñi brothers is located in the middle zone of Navarra (area of Estella). They have 13 hectares planted, the oldest plantation is 25 years old and the most recent is about six years old; there are other plots of an intermediate age.

The 25-year old plantation was made with Truficultur seedlings and with seedlings of French and Italian origin; the later plantations have primarily been created with seedlings from Cultivos Forestales.

As a general norm, the soil has been tilled from the first year to the sixth (cultivating the entire area of the corridor at a shallow depth. They began making holes or nests seven years ago and the experience in terms of results has been irregular according to the pieces.

They are currently experimenting in some plots with tilling the soil at greater depth in the brûlée with spore inoculation in liquid form. They have used two different implements, one to place the spores in the soil and another to then till the soil.

Given the climate conditions and the rainfall, the seedlings grow a lot, and thus a very aggressive pruning is carried out (as can be seen in the attached video). Their experience in respect to pruning is that if they don’t prune one year, the following year’s production is the same or better but then in successive years falls sharply.

The pruned parts of the tree are shredded and incorporated into the soil of the truffle patch. For the past two years, two plots have been irrigated with micro-sprinklers.