Why Cultivos Forestales y Micológicos?

The seedlings of Cultivos Forestales are guaranteed by many years of experience:

  1. Mariano Casas is probably Spain’s most experienced biologist in the field of mycorrhiza, a profession he has successfully exercised since 1988.
  2. Cultivos Forestales commercialized the first mycorrhizated seedling in 1991.
  3. Each batch is painstakingly analyzed in our laboratory and each order is reviewed before being dispatched.
  4. Our seedlings have been certified by outside agencies since 1995: the Official Certification of the Diputación Provincial de Teruel.
  5. We supply truffle growers who subject the seedlings to the most demanding controls at prestigious centers of evaluation:
    • ·Diputación Provincial de Huesca
    • ·Centro Tecnológico Forestal de Cataluña
    • ·Universidad de Navarra
  6. After all these years, we have more than 800 satisfied customers, the definitive guarantee of any product.

Cultivos Forestales y Micológicos is a small company located in the rural setting of Teruel, Spain, specialized in applied mycology (truffle growing, leisure and professional mushroom production) and hardwood (walnut) production.

  • Agriculture: We produce mycorrhizated seedlings with truffles and provide assessment of truffle plantations.
  • Leisure: We provide trunks and trees that produce mushrooms for gardens.
  • Setas: Cultivamos setas de manera natural, sin emplear productos químicos.
  • Hardwoods: We work with walnut trees as an emblematic forest species in terms of quality of wood. We have various clones of Julgans regia, otherwise known as common walnut or European walnut, for forestry (lumber) plantations or mixed plantations of lumber and fruits.