The Micecardo is the mycelium of the king trumpet mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) cultivated over an ideal substrate that makes it possible to inoculate field eryngo in the field. It appears as a compact, whitish block, result of the growth of the mycelium as it amalgamates the different components of the vegetal mix.

The mycelium has been selected for its high capacity for infecting the neck of the root of the field eryngo (Eryngium campestre), the vegetal species on which the king trumpet mushroom develops.

Following a simple set of instructions which we include with the purchase of the Micecardo, you can inoculate field eryngo and create a natural mushroom bed where these plants already exist in a spontaneous way.

Cardos borriqueros que pueden ser inoculados con micecardo.

Examples of field eryngo (Eryngium campestre), candidates to be inoculated.

We cultivate the Micecardo in glass containers in the laboratory and place them in hermetically sealed plastic bags for shipping. We offer various volumes (1.5, 0.5 and 0.250 liters). For each inoculation, about 50 cc is sufficient.