Mushrooms form part of that magical world of the forest, which, along with gnomes, fairies, squirrels and other forest-dwellers, transport us and immerse us in the mystery and profundity of that unique habitat. Mushrooms, those special living beings that are neither plant nor animal, are in and of themselves beautiful and offer us the most delicate of flavors.

Plantar y recoger setas en el jardín.

Hunting for mushrooms with the family. 


En el huerto podemos cultivar las mismas setas que encontramos en el  monte.

Hunting and gathering mushrooms is a pleasure for children and adults.

Bad mushroom seasons occur often and it isn’t always easy to enjoy hunting and eating them. A variety of reasons may be responsible for a bad season: lack of rainfall, the avalanche of people who go out in wet autumns to the forest with their baskets, the difficulty for many aficionados to distinguish more than two or three of the most common varieties that are usually gathered, etc. Definitively, it’s not always easy to have quality mushrooms on the table. The quality of the two or three industrially grown varieties commonly bought in supermarkets or vegetable/fruit shops is nowhere near the quality of the same mushroom gathered in the wild.


Mushrooms are highly valued as a culinary delicacy, both at home and at the finest restaurants.

We propose that you can have a space in your garden, orchard, or a zone by your residence, even a terrace or outdoor porch, to gather at different times of the year some of the finest mushrooms with the same quality as in the wild.

 En el jardín podemos plantar tronquitos con setas a nuestra elección.  Tronquito con setas comestibles en el jardín.
 Cultivar setas en el jardín o el huerto es muy sencillo con los tronquitos de Cultivos Forestales.  Todas las setas para plantar en el jardín son comestibles y saludables.
Camouflaged trunks in different spots of the garden that surprise us once in a while with lovely, striking and savory mushrooms.