The king trumpet mushroom (Pleurotus eryngii) is one of the most valued and widespread edible mushroom species in Spain. Its appearance in fields and uncultivated areas generates a true passion in Spanish towns and villages to find it. Many mushroom hunters make a pilgrimage in wet autumns to fields, woodlands and pastures, eyes fixed on the ground and basket in hand, searching for this special food.

The mushroom contains all the essential amino acids and a large number of vitamins. It is an easily digestible mushroom that combines very well with meats and fish, although for many it is delicious prepared on the grill or simply in a frying pan with good olive oil.

Plantar setas de cardo en el jardín o en el huerto.

The king trumpet mushroom is highly valued in gastronomy.

According to those in the know, the mushrooms gathered in the highlands of the central and north provinces of the Peninsula are very fine: Burgos, Soria, Teruel, Segovia, Salamanca, etc. There, in the region’s cold, uncultivated lands, the most savory mushrooms grow.