Our company has its own laboratory next to our offices.

The laboratory is an important complement to production in the greenhouse. It is a place to make tests and to try out new productions and a place of support and service for our clients.

The work realized in the laboratory is divided between the company’s two main activities:

            Seedlings in mycorrhizal association:

The quality of the inoculum is identified and evaluated prior to the seedling’s mycorrhizal association. An exhaustive control is carried out of the mycorrhizal association in the seedlings during their entire growth and prior to their commercialization. We analyze roots collected at different ages from plantations and we also occasionally classify the carpophores (the different species of truffle) that people involved in the world of truffles bring us, among other tasks.

            Production of mycelia:

The isolation of different species of mushrooms is carried out to achieve a pure crop. Starting from this point, the cultivation of mycelium on a larger scale is begun. The mycelia are incubated and stored until they are ready for use. We constantly verify their quality.