Cultivos Forestales y Micológicos with the support of IRTA (Institut de Recerca y Tecnología Agroalimentaria), which has a work group specialized in walnut trees, has developed a project to produce common walnut tree seedlings destined for lumber plantations.

This is a “qualified” vegetal material, unique in terms of being a tested hardwood in Spain. It is homogenous and develops very well. Its behavior in terms of growth in good soil is equal to that of hybrids. Walnuts can also be harvested in these plantations after 8-10 years.

The seedling is presented in a large-volume container, which enormously facilitates rooting without failures and allows us to plant the tree throughout the year if irrigation is available.

The goal is to obtain straight trees, with a diameter greater than 45 cm at about the height of one’s chest, without branches or knots up to at least 3 or 4 meters of height and with regular growth, whose purpose is to produce quality veneer, overlay or planks. To this end, the tree is subjected to training pruning for the first 5 years.

With a plantation and appropriate care, these goals can be obtained in 20-30 years after the planting. The rotation can be lengthened to produce exceptional sizes and darker colors that multiply the wood’s value.