Walnut trees are the trees must used in agriculture for lumber plantations, with periods of exploitation of between 20 and 30 years. Achieving these lumbering periods depends primarily on the quality of the vegetal material that is planted and the characteristics of the soil. Some plantations apply the most appropriate growing techniques (irrigation according to the season, fertilizer, pruning, etc.).

Los nogales Junglans Regia previo a su plantación.

Use is often made of interspecific hybrids for the advantages they offer over the existing vegetal material in greenhouses of the common walnut (Juglans regia). Traditionally, the common walnut tree (also called the Spanish or European walnut, etc.) has been selected solely for the aspect of its fruit (the nut). Its wood, however, is highly valued on the market, more than that of black walnut trees or even of the hybrids themselves.

Cultivos Forestales y Micológicas, with the support of IRTA (Institut de Recerca y Tecnología Agroalimentaria), which has a work group specialized in walnut trees, has developed a project to produce common walnut tree seedlings destined for lumber plantations.

This is a “qualified” vegetal material, unique in terms of being a tested hardwood in Spain. It is homogenous and develops very well. Its behavior in terms of growth in good soil is equal to that of hybrids. Walnuts can also be harvested in these plantations after 8-10 years.

The seedling is presented in a large-volume container, which enormously facilitates rooting without failures and allows us to plant the tree throughout the year if irrigation is available.

For the moment, we have on offer the following materials (Juglans regia):

Early sprouting (late March – early April)
Regia Madera SB 13
Regia Madera T 231

Intermediate sprouting (second half of April)
Regia Madera T 218

Late sprouting (mid-May)
Regia Madera 7A
Regia Madera 7B

The periods of sprouting are approximate to facilitate choosing the most appropriate clone for the location of the plantation, taking into consideration the record of data relating to the dates in which the last spring frosts commonly occur. It is also true that because the seedlings are produced in a greenhouse at 1,000 meters above sea level, even the earliest clones adapt well.

Nogales Junglans Regia ya plantados, ejemplo de su plantación maderera.