We can enjoy unforgettable moments in our garden, caring for our plants and watching them grow, seeing how spring and summer fill them with bright colors and how autumn causes flowers to wither and leaves to turn yellow, orange and red. This moment, autumn, is the preferred time for many mushrooms to surprise us on trunks or in the soil with their various colors and forms. They are yet another jewel for that very personal space, the garden, and will bring us even more delight on the dining table.

Tronco con setas plantado en el jardín.

Trunks with mushrooms can be placed anywhere in our garden.

Depending on the available space, our preferences, the place where we live, location, etc., we can place the trunks in one spot or another, or group them in the spot with the best conditions to favor the emergence of the mushrooms.

Cualquier rincón de nuestro jardín es válido para plantar un setal.

We can play with the thickness and height of these trunks, the varieties of mushrooms, the mycorrhizated trees, and the spaces for the natural mushroom beds, etc. There are many possibilities and combinations (trunks of different heights that can give a decorative touch, the combination of different trees and mushroom beds). Furthermore, although autumn and spring are the preferred periods for mushrooms, depending on the varieties and where you live, they can appear in other moments of the year as well.

 Cultivar setas en los tronquitos es muy sencillo y requieren muy pocos cuidados.  Setas creciendo sobre uno de los troncos.

In the orchard or vegetable garden, we work the soil, sow, plant, water; we care for the garden or orchard and finally our work is rewarded with its harvests (vegetables, fruits, etc.). Furthermore, the act of working in the garden or orchard, of being in direct contact with the elements (earth, water, air, etc.) brings us benefits that are profoundly satisfying to us as human beings.

 Verduras y setas recogidas en el huerto.
A small vegetable garden of mushrooms.

This gratifying space can also be a place for mushrooms (trunks, trees, natural mushroom bed, etc.), which complement the traditional harvest of the vegetable garden.

Given that fact that, in principle, the vegetable garden or orchard is a larger space than the ornamental garden, we can consider a larger production and even sell some of the mushroom varieties that are prized in the region.

Los troncos con setas pueden plantarse en el jardín o en el huerto.

We must make sure that the environment and soil where we place the trunks or plant the trees are free of pollutants, given that mushrooms easily fix these toxic ingredients in their tissues.

Cultivar setas en troncos de madera en el jardín. 

Examples of mushrooms that have been grown on trunks.