Services and Assessment

At Cultivos Forestales y Micológicos, we sell guaranteed plants. We carefully control all of the factors that ensure the success of a plantation:

  1. The quality of the mycorrhiza: : All of the seedlings we supply have the appropriate quantity and purity of mycorrhiza. We deliver them in large containers to ensure the success of the planting in the definitive site.
  2. Setting:The characteristics of the terrain and climate are fundamental. We thus make a previous analysis to ensure that the setting is appropriate for the development of the truffle.
  3. Care:Adequate care must be provided throughout the entire life cycle of the fungus. This factor is decisive in ensuring optimal production. At Cultivos Forestales, we provide you with personalized training at our facilities (soil handling, irrigation, pruning…).
  4. Continuity: The plantation must be cared for in the correct way over the course of its existence. We will always be by your side to resolve any doubts you may have and, if necessary, we also offer assessment service for your plantation.

We offer you the possibility of diversifying your income with other complementary crops, such as the king trumpet mushroom, summer truffle, burgundy truffle and other forest species. Always with the guarantee of Cultivos Forestales y Micológicos and Mariano Casas.