The health sciences often remind us to consume foods that improve our quality of life and wellbeing. The Hippocratic principle, “may food be your medicine and medicine be your food” takes on increasing importance in this new focus on food, not only to feed the body, but also to cure and prevent diseases.

Las setas son muy apreciadas en la cocina por su sabor y propiedades.

Shitake is a very aromatic mushroom that can satisfy the most demanding gourmets. This, in combination with its highly favorable effects on our health, makes it very interesting to include regularly in our diet.

Many of the principles present in mushrooms have important properties that can help us achieve an optimal nutrition.

Their properties have been well known since antiquity, by civilizations such as ancient Greece and classical Rome, the traditional medicine of China, Japan, etc.


Natural, organic, or ecological production is even more important in respect to mushrooms than vegetables because of the facility by which fungi can fix in their tissues any ingredient present in the soil or environment. Regarding industrially grown mushrooms, great care should be paid to the origin of the substrate on which they are produced, avoiding those that are the least bit suspicious (beds of intensive farming, straw that has been excessively treated, etc.).

Some of the species we propose for the garden or the orchard can significantly improve our diet: shitake, the different species of oyster mushroom, the poplar mushroom, the king trumpet mushroom, etc.

 Seta de ostra o gárgolas creciendo sobre el tronco de un árbol.

The quality of the oyster mushroom grown naturally on wood is of an entirely different order than those that can be bought in stores; it also has important health benefits. 

We continue performing tests to be able to offer a range of other mushrooms that are also of great health interest and which can be easily grown in the garden or orchard.

 La seta de cardo tiene propiedades muy beneficiosas para la salud.

The king trumpet mushroom is the favorite mushroom of many people who are now also discovering how beneficial it can be to their health.