Incorporating truffle spores along with other supplements in the zone of influence of the root of the truffle tree is an excellent way to maintain the presence of positive and negative mycelia, which are necessary for truffles to appear. Matertruf and Nidotruf are two outstanding mixes with spores…

Trufficulture is an increasingly popular agricultural activity that is currently undergoing significant development in the application of new growing methods developed to improve truffle yields and quality.

Incorporating truffle spores into the zone of the roots of the truffle tree – by way of nests, tilling the soil, or other systems – is necessary to maintain the presence of the compatible positive and negative mycelia that allow the fungus of the truffle to complete its sexual cycle and produce truffles.

Creating so-called nests is an example of this type of support, which, although a recent development, has nonetheless become quite widespread among truffle growers. This practice makes it possible to improve production and grow rounder and more highly valued truffles. NIDOTRUF and MATERTRUF-S are two solid substrates for truffle plantations that improve production.

The soil in the plantations is frequently tilled to loosen up the topsoil and favor aeration and water filtration. According to some recent methods of trufficulture, tilling the soil down to a certain depth in the zone of the roots of the truffle tree can improve the productive yield of the plantation. During this tilling of the soil, the roots are broken to favor the formation of new fine roots that are more susceptible to forming mycorrhizal relations with the incorporated spores. Matertruf – L (liquid) is designed for this purpose; when mixed with water, it allows us to incorporate the truffle spores and the facilitating supplements precisely at the moment when we till the soil.

  • NIDOTRUF. This is a complete substrate (with organic material incorporated) ready to use. It contains truffle spores and active ingredients that enhance the entire mycorrhizal and rooting process. It is used in plantations that are already productive or are on the verge of becoming productive.
  • MATERTRUF- S. This is a substrate with a high concentration of spores ideal for reinforcing mycorrhizas in already established plantations. It is a mix of vermiculite and some peat with truffle spores and active ingredients. It can also be used mixed with pure earth (40-50 cc per nest) for nests realized without other types of substrates. It is commonly used for nests once between 4 -5 volumes of organic material have been added and mixed. By adding the organic material, we create the NIDOTRUF.
  • MATERTRUF-L Used diluted in water for inoculating spores in the soil when working the soil. It is added to the soil from a tank that rests on the cultivator through hoses that extend along each arm of the cultivator; active ingredients are also added to favor the process of mycorrhizal formation.

These three products are the result of years of constant work to improve production. Their effectiveness has been proven in a range of plantations.